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Stem Cell Centers of America has developed innovative methods for treating orthopedic conditions and injuries that allow our patients to improve pain and joint symptoms without invasive surgery. These conditions range from basic tennis elbow problems to degenerative arthritis afflicting major joints that may require joint replacement. Between these extremes lie most orthopedic problems—herniated discs and trigger points in the spine; enthesopathy and rotator cuff injuries; and a plethora of meniscal and ligamentous injuries of the hip, ankle, and knee.

Through the use of regenerative medicine techniques including platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and Cell-Based treatment. Our regenerative techniques can be tailored to meet each patient’s orthopedic needs wherever they are experiencing pain.  Below is a list of the injuries and conditions we treat—click on the links for more information about IRMO’s treatment methods based on the injury or condition.

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Orthopedic injury treatment