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Hip Joint Arthritis

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Hip Joint Arthritis Treatment Hip Xray

Patients suffering from arthritis today, however, have access to innovative cell based treatments developed from extensive research. The National Institute of Regenerative Medicine has been at the forefront of this research.  One of the greatest areas of research success has involved hip joint arthritis.

It can be incredibly frustrating for patients to learn that there are few treatments for hip joint arthritis. Rather than accepting having to live with the pain of hip joint arthritis, however, these patients have an alternative.  Cell-based therapy offers arthritis sufferers the chance to rebuild and regenerate the cartilage and fluid within their hip joints, therefore improving and even potentially curing their arthritis. Many doctors are finding cel-basedl treatment extremely compelling and are excited to explore how these measures can improve the lives of those who suffer from the debilitating pain of arthritis.

If you are suffering from arthritis, The National Institute of Regenerative Medicine may help. Our organization has focused tremendous energy and resources on the development of innovative regenerative therapy methods. At The Institute we are interested in treating the actual cause of your arthritis to help you achieve relief from your symptoms and live a more active, enjoyable life.  

Individuals living with arthritis are concerned primarily with how to overcome the symptoms and live a normal, productive life.  The pain and reduced functionality are quite difficult to manage.  Even more difficult can be the realization that the condition will only worsen as time progresses. This is why one way to treat hip joint arthritis and other related conditions is regenerative therapy with the applied use of cell based therapy.