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PRP and Cell-Based Therapy

Doctor for Stem Cell Therapy

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Orthopedic Surgeon and World Renowned Stem Cell Expert Dr. Joseph Purita uses cutting edge technology in Regenerative Medicine to treat orthopedic injuries and relieve pain through cell based PRP therapy.

Dr. Purita in NY Daily News

The National Institute of Regenerative Medicine combines traditional orthopedics with cutting-edge techniques in regenerative medicine that utilize platelet rich plasma (PRP), an assortment of regenerative cells, and various supplements and growth factors. By integrating these various techniques, many of them devised by ourselves and registered as our intellectual property, we can provide effective non-surgical solutions for common orthopedic conditions.

Dr. Joseph Purita and his staff have been featured in numerous publications.  From The New York Times to ESPN Magazine, the media have been abuzz about Dr. Purita's recent work with New York Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon.  His breakthrough stem cell treatment and professional sports relationships made him a household name among injured athletes and brought orthopedic stem cell therapy into the spotlight.